this is us.

The little garlic dip that does. And the peeps who made it so.

Toom founder and CEO, Matt Joyce, is a little different. In a good way. He has what we in the biz like to call, “boss sauce”. Guts, gumption, go-gettery. You see, while most of us were doing Barb only knows what the summer after college graduation, Matt was busy perfecting and pedaling his family’s much-loved garlic dip recipe. A recipe that’s been uncompromised and not-settled-for since its early days of being enjoyed around the Joyce family kitchen table right up to the tub you hold in your hand.

We’re proud to be a Minnesota-based, family-run brand dedicated to each other, and sharing the “Ohmigoodness, why. So. Good?!” of our garlic dip with fans, future fans, or, just anyone with a mouth.


2015 MN Cup Finalist
General Mills Sponsored Contest